Online Programming

We offer two different Online Programs here at CF 1845:

1.)  1845 Strength & Conditioning - Online Program:
This is a great program for individuals that have less time to train and/or have limited equipment. This program is for anyone that wants to workout regularly and has less than one hour to devote to fitness each day. It will assist with improving overall work capacity, while still developing overall fitness. Your daily program will include a warm up, an optional strength lift, a 5-20 minute workout, and a cool down session.

It consists of 5 possible days of training each week.
The ONLY equipment you will need in order to participate at home regularly is:

Jump Rope
Dumbbells (20s-35s-50s. If you have just one set, you can make due.)
Kettlebell (35-53-70. If you have just one, you can make due.)
Medball (20/14)

The following equipment is optional, if you would like to increase your weight in the strength program:
Bumber Plates (45s-25s-15s-10s-5s)
Pull-up Bar / Rings

Cost is $35/month

2.)  1845 Barbell  - Online Program($35/month):
1845 Barbell focuses on building strength using the barbell.
Includes classic strength, EMOMs, metcons, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Tire Flips, etc.
This program is for those that struggling with 1 rep maxes, cycling heavy weights, or medium weights in retcons.  It will focus on improvements in the Olympic and Power Lifts as well as cycling heavy weights in a variety of ways. The 1845 Barbell program is made for individuals that are already well rounded to a certain extent. They may have some success in workouts with gymnastics, lighter loads, and/or high metabolic conditioning. These individuals may struggle more with heavier weights and medium/heavy conditioning workouts. This Bias will focus on improvements in these areas.

The equipment you will need in order to participate at home regularly is:
Bumber Plates (45s-25s-15s-10s-5s)

Cost is $35/month
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