Membership & Pricing

Why Does CrossFit Cost More Than the 'Traditional” Gyms?
At most franchised gyms, you are a number.  You pay your monthly fees and are released, unguided to create your own workouts, hold yourself accountable and motivate yourself to attend.  Or you can pay for a trainer, averaging $30-$50 for a one hour session, at about two to three times per week.  That really adds up.  So for a CrossFit membership, you get programmed classes, trainer attention, and you’re not a number in a big crowd.  The average cost per CrossFit class comes out to be $6 - $10, dependent upon membership choice.  The return on your investment is high, compared to personal trainers and regular ''mirrors and machines'' gyms.  

We offer a FREE trial for first time visitors who are unfamiliar with CrossFit.  Contact us for details or feel free to stop by our facility to drop in a class.

CrossFit Membership Options:

$95/month - 12 Month Membership  
$125/month - 3 Month Membership  
$135/month - Month to Month Membership  

Family Add-On – $85 (same address only)

Drop-In Policy:

Personal Training:
$75 per session(45-60 min)

CrossFit 1845 is a coaching/training facility. At a local gym or Globo big gym you may only pay $30 a month. You have to understand that that is an access fee. This small fee just gives you access to their gym. Inquire about personal training there and you’ll see the value of our Coaching Membership.  In this region, 10-15 personal training sessions per month can cost you over $300 per month at your local gym plus the cost of membership. We are a fraction of that price — and you will get better results and have a better time.  We’re actually very affordable for the service and results you receive.